Bible Journaling 101

Are you a Bible journaler? Or maybe you are like what in the world is Gretchen talking about! Many people Bible journal for many different reasons... Some are just creatives and it is a way to express themselves in worship. Others learn and remember differently and creating an illustration for the words helps them remember why that passage is important for their lives. But no matter why you choose to journal, it's a great way to engage with scripture! 

First things first, you need some tools! You can use any Bible if you prefer, but I snagged this special journaling Bible that has some pre-made spots inside designed to just color and get you started. 

It also has blank spaces on the sides dedicated to your own journaling! 

As far as tools go, I've been through many different ones. I've used colored pencils, pens, markers, and even water colors. (Not sure why I thought water colors were a good idea!)

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth and Gretchen made a mess with water colors on a thin Bible page! Whoops haha! 

My favorite tools now are these gel crayons mixed with fine point pens and gel highlighters! Some people prefer color pencils, but I just love how vibrant the colors are with the gel crayons. 

The key to Bible journaling is remembering that you are Worshiping the Lord in your own way and not to worry about perfection or making your art "pin-worthy"! This is yours for you and nobody has to see it! 

And the best part is in the end you'll have a color filled Bible full of memories of journaling full of God's promises and God's teachings in your life! 

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