Wild Rags

In the day of the cowboy the wild rag had many uses. Not only was it warmth in the winter and protection from the sun in the summer, but the wild rag could be used as a pot holder at the campfire or as a shield from the dust in the open range. Today wild rags are worn by cowboys and cowgirls from all over for both a purpose and/or fashion. There are so many fun ways to wear your wild rag!

 Keep it punchy by wearing it the classic style... This keeps you warm in the winter layered with your jacket or vest. Plus it's pretty darn cute! 

Change it up a little bit by tying your wild rag in a windsor knot like a man's neck tie!

Wear your wild rag as a shaw. The colorful, fringe Rodeo Quincy Wild Rags are especially fun for this! 

You can even try out a buckaroo knot! 

Wild rags are such a fun part of today's cowgirl fashion. Wear it on your head as a headband, or tie one around your waist as a skirt. The fun never ends! 


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